“I”, “Me”, “Mine”…

How many times of “I”, “Me”, “Mine” are you using in your daily conversation with others?

Are you aware?

Many of us, we are putting too much emphasise and priority to ourselves. We are too focus on self-interest. Sometimes, when people are trying to share their story with us, we are not listen patiently, we are waiting opportunity to share ours. Perhaps, when your staffs are checked with you for solution, instead of encourage them to share their ideas, you are going to start, “If I were you…”

Let’s observe your thought!

Recently, I encountered a great lesson that people are putting so much priority to himself. One of my friend made a reservation in restaurant and she double confirmed on the booking before our lunch gathering. However, when we got there, it was “closed” event. We talked to the restaurant manager, how can this be happened. Well! Instead of apologise for the error, he kept mentioned “I am the restaurant manager, I can settle for you. You all just sit outside (Without air-conditioner). He forgot about how customers experience to enjoy food in super hot afternoon. Of course, We are unhappy and rejected his suggestion. He never ever mention a word of “Sorry”, his thought was “I am the restaurant manager.” and totally forgot about how important is the customer service. Well! Without customers demand, the restaurant might close down and where is the “restaurant manager”?

Let’s bloom together… make this world a beautiful place!

Let go about “I”, “Me”, “Mine”, always look for “us”, win-win situation for all parties. Why not try to practice “Self benefit and benefit others”? Shine your happiness to others, you are definitely a happy person.








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