Hate cats….

When you dislike something, you are going to find more than 1,000 excuses as though the “fact” to support your perception. Have you experience it?

My neighbour intentionally to put a small tank of mini fishes on the common area even though my parent advised him not to put there as our cats might push down the little tank and fishes will die. Unfortunately, he refused to listen. Why should we risk others life?

We are compassion to the little fish as their life are always in danger as we can only advise our cat not to push down the little tank. Can you control your children? Perhaps, you can’t occasionally. Moreover, my sister shared with me that the place is exposed to sunlight. It might cause discomfort to fishes too.

In reality, My neighbour dislikes cats and wanted to use the little tank of fishes to stop our cats to sleep at the common place. He hated cats!!!

Always look inward, why are you hated something? Why not transform hatred to unconditional love?






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