Last weekend, I was so blessed to be volunteer in the Great Repentance Puja. Sometimes, we might think that we are contributing our best service to serve others. In reality, we are learning the most through volunteer service, there are so much great lesson to learn.

Every morning, before we start the puja, Fa Chi (Monastic) will gather all volunteers and shared with us, the important to remain in peace and serenity no matter what situation we are facing. We must start from ourselves and we are able to shine this peacefulness to people who attended the puja. Always remember to smile, give your best to serve and be gratitude to people who join the puja. Without them, we are unable to share service.

Be harmony!!!

Beside, we need to work in a team, let go about me, mine and I. The great example given about a log rafting in river, it can’t dictate the direction and must follow the flow of river. However, if we tie all log together, we are able to use it to transport people or goods and it can dictate the direction. As such, How important to be a good team player to contribute our little effort to make the event successful.




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