One of my friend shared with me that, her neighbour (housewife) visits her daily to share gossip. She felt negative vibes and also so tired after her visit. All the conversation will not bring any nutrients to our mind. Perhaps, its intoxicant our mind.

Do you love gossiping? Do you love to spend time with people who love to throw their “emotional rubbish”, “non-nutritional speech which full of hatred, greed and illusion” to you?

Why are you wasting of your precious time on doing things which intoxicant your mind?

Dare to say “No”.

Spend time to do things which can benefit to yourself and others. Bring happiness, positive vibes which can ease suffering and not putting more suffering to each others.

May we learn from lotus flowers, remain purity in mundane world.

I always share with my friends, I am old enough, time is running out and I treasure sincere, honest, unmask friend who bring nutrients to our mind.


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