Once in a lifetime…

When we are travelling, we hope to enjoy best weather in order to check out the most magnificent scenery view.

If raining, we’ll start to grumble and throw our frustration, “So wet!”, “Must bring umbrella , rain coat”, “So cold”, “inconvenience”, “easy to catch a cold”….

If super hot weather, we are going to start our complain again, “Why so hot?”, “Melted”, “Heat Stroke”, “UV?”, “Apply sunblock” and others.

If super hot weather like snowing, we might complain, “Too slippery”, “Hard to walk”, “Too cold”, “Need to wear a lot of clothes.”….

Why are we easily being influenced by external environment?

Who is the one bring “external environment” in your thought?

Who is the one keep creating non-stop stories to cause emotional turmoil?

Obviously, you are the one.

Whether rain, sunny, snow and any weather condition, just treat this as natural phenomena. You can’t control the weather but YOU CAN not bringing this phenomena in your thought, creating unhappiness and suffering. Whatever you see, experience, it’s the best! Happened once in a lifetime and no repetition.




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