Live harmony…

Think about others, your little action count!!!

Sometimes, we might be angry, frustrated, disappointed when

  1. People are not flushing toilet after using.
  2. People are throwing rubbish everywhere in the street instead of dustbin.
  3. People tend to mess up the area after gathering/party.
  4. People are not putting back their tool/stationeries after using.
  5. People are not cleaning their plates or cups after eating…
  6. People mess up the public pantry with coffee / tea stain…
  7. People are not switched off air conditioner and light in public area when not in-use.

and lot of examples…

How to live harmony with people who are not mindful and considerate about others?

How to live harmony with people who are only think about themselves?

Why should we be angry? Why we should punish ourselves with other’s error?

Perhaps we should be grateful as we can practice our “patience”, “tolerance” and a great reminder to ourselves not to repeat whatever they are doing.

Of course, if you can share your advise, however, whether are they going to change or not? It’s totally beyond your control. You done your best, let go!!! Don’t be bothered or disturb by other’s not mindful action.

Always give your best blessing that “May they be awakening one day….”







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