Thank you!

When you are being kind to others, are you expect anything in return?

When you are giving gift to others, are you also expect something in return?

Always remember, we are willingly to give and no one is forcing us. Instead of, expecting the receiving party to say “Thank you”. We should say “thank you” as they are giving opportunity for us to serve, to shine unconditional love and gradually losing hatred, greed and illusion.

When you don’t have any expectation, you are the happiest person.

Today, one of my colleague resigned and left the company suddenly. Before he left, he gave a very warm thank you message for all gifts given to him and his family during festive season. I love to buy small gifts to my colleagues during festive season, to bring happiness to their family. A small act counts, warm other’s heart and also brighten other’s life. How wonderful!!!

I appreciated much on his message and further encourage me to shine unconditional love.

Happiness is meant for sharing!!!

Thank you for my lovely ex-colleague for sharing a beautiful lesson!!!






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