Get in touch with nature…

What are you doing in weekend?

Are you fill up your schedule to make yourself more busy?

Are you taking a break to refresh, relax, rejuvenate after a busy week?

I love to enjoy my weekend in peace, totally in slow pace.

How wonderful to spend time to enjoy morning silent walk in nature for about an hour, in serenity. Enjoyed fresh air, natural orchestra, most important to be with myself, here and now. So relaxed and total recharged after a great morning walk.

Follow by, playing with our lovely cat friends in garden. They are so “alive”, running happily like a small kid in garden. They enjoyed nature too. We are happy that we’ve green space for ourselves and lovely cat friends. It’s really important to get touch with nature. We are ONE, no separation.

Happy crow!!!

As such, remember to bring yourself and your family to enjoy nature. Most of people will bring their family to do shopping in concrete forest o enjoy cool air from air conditioner. Well! Do observe experience in concrete forest and forest. Which one give you peacefulness and calmness? Which one encourage your craving, greed to buy more?

Never lost touch with nature!!!




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