Lavender blossom…

During our recent trip in Hokkaido, it was cold and non-stop raining even though in summer time. This is the impact from global warming. We must do our part and put effort to preserve the environment. Every little effort counts!

The best scenery during summer time is to look at the beautiful flowers especially lavender. However, our tour leader shared with us that we might not able to see full bloom of lavender in such weather condition. Some of my tour mates were so upset as we paid high fares for beautiful flowers blooming.

Sis and I accepted this with open heart. We don’t have any expectation. Every scenery is special and the best to us. Most important, be here and NOW!

Well! We are getting the best gift from nature, sunny day and able to see the beautiful bloom of lavender flowers!!!

Another great lesson, nothing is permanent!!!





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