cause & effect…

Hey! Friends, I am back from Hokkaido, what a relaxing trip!!! So many great lesson to learn throughout the journey.

Happiness vs suffering, cause and effect!!!

It supposed to be summer in Hokkaido. However, weather was slightly cold especially when wind blowed. When I arrived Hokkaido, it was whole day raining, wet and cold day. I didn’t prepare well, as such I caught a cold.  Moreover I took so much good quality fruits, like Yubari melon, apples, grapes, oranges, cherries, white sweet corn (eating raw) and others during my trip.

I am enjoying the “side effect” – coughing now. Body is working hard to release mucus accumulation from body. How accurate on “you are what you eat”.

We can see and experienced “cause & effect” easily. As such, we must be mindful in our body, action and speech.




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