Rest well…

Total relaxation!!! Our cat friend knew when and how to relax, they are not addicted to gadget an others. When tired, sleep!!! Simple! Let our body to heal itself!

This week, I learned a great lesson from my precious tooth, “traumatized” pain as chewed aggressively on hard stuffs. Rest is the only remedy to recover. I am relieved as no pain now after few days of not chewing on that tooth.

When you are using the strength of muscle for some yoga pose, you might feel muscle pain later. What is the best remedy? Rest and let our body to heal itself.

Rest well is the important health factor to ensure us to keep walking!!! However, most of us, forget to rest at all, we overly stress our body and mind, strain all our strength until one day, its collapsed. Always remember on check and balance!!!

Allow yourself to take a good rest!!!

I’ll take a break, get a good rest and enjoy my vacation to refresh my body and mind.

See you soon in middle of July’18.

May you be well and happy!






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