Love Yourself, Love Others!

After I met with my recent car accident, I am paying extra mindful when driving even it was not my fault. I suspected the car driver behind me was playing with smart phone either text message or online. The car accident can be avoided if she was mindful in driving.

How much time being wasted in order to make police report, get the original report, sent car to service centre, waiting for insurance claim, spare parts and others? I am considered so lucky as only car damaged.

My friend shared with me that one truck driver, he wanted to change radio channel while driving, by just a second of moment, he hit many cars and taken away so many lives. As Chinese profound saying, “Road, it’s like the tiger’s mouth.” Please be mindful to avoid harming yourself and others.

Why car accident keep increasing lately? I believed playing with smart phone is one of the key factor. I saw many drivers were played their phones while driving, the most horrible is texting while driving. How much danger are we bringing to ourselves and others? Your eyes, hand and most important your mind are not focus in driving. How to avoid accident?

Start fro simple kindness act, you CAN!!!

Be responsible to your life and others. Why not start a simple loving kindness act by not playing with phones while driving? Love yourself, love others!!!

You can!



6 responses to “Love Yourself, Love Others!

  1. As of the first of July, it is now against the law to hold or even to touch a phone while driving in the state of Georgia in the U.S. I leave my phone in my handbag and place the handbag behind the driver’s seat, but many people have already been stopped by the police for holding a smartphone while driving.

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