I shared with my friends almost all my tooth with composite filling. I must admit that I never take good care of my tooth in my young age. I took a lot of bad food like white sugar, white flour, sweets and others. Moreover, I drank milk until 6 years old as compare to my sister, she stopped taking milk since 2 years old. Her tooth is so strong.

When you planted Pineapple, you are going to harvest pineapple. Nothing go wrong!

It’s a great lesson on cause and effect. I learned, accepted, treasured and take extra good care of my precious tooth. I am blessed that I met with a good dentist, he is so professional, gentle and give great advice on how to maintain health tooth. Of course, I’ve transformed my diet to macrobiotics. It’s great to take care my tooth.

I felt pain on my tooth after biting on banana cracker. I checked, there was no crack. In order to be safe, I went to consult my dentist. First time, I heard “your tooth being traumatized after you took hard stuffs.” He asked me, not to chew food on that tooth and let it be relaxed. Of course, I’ll follow his good advise as usual.

Treasure your good health while you can!!! You are what you eat!!!






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