be patience…

be patience…everything will be at its path…

I am gratitude to my old car for teaching a beautiful lesson, to be patience. My old car was broke down often and always end up in the service centre. I am really familiar with challenges of no car to use.

Recent car accident, I waited patiently for 2 days as the investigator was on leave. After took statement, I can get police report in order to send my car to service centre for insurance claim.

I thought once my car being send to service centre, my job was done. Well!!! The repair centre discovered that wrong car plate number, missing an alphabet (for the car which hit my car at the back) in the police report. They can’t proceed for third-party insurance claim.

How can this be happening?

I took photos of the car plate and the “V” alphabet was dropped. As such, I gave wrong number.

I rushed back to police station and made revision. I am only able to get the report by tomorrow and resubmit to the repair centre. Luckily, they accepted my dented car.

Thanks for the past training, I am patiently handle everything in peace, no anger and frustration at all.

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