Nothing is more precious than peace of mind!!!

Are you attached to your belonging? Are you heart-broken when your belonging is broken or damage?

I just got my new car in less than 3 months and now, the front and back of the car were dented in car accident. I am the victim in the accident, “the Sandwich car”.  However, I am glad that I am not heart-broken and I can accept the reality fast. It deepen my understanding that life is impermanent, new car can turn to dented car in just a second. The more “attached”you are, the more “suffering” and harder for you to let go.

Moreover, if you are keep asking, “Why Me?”, “I did nothing wrong, why my car being  hit?” “Why the driver behind is not mindful in driving?” No matter, how many thousand times you are asking “Why”? The total incident is irreversible!!! The faster you can accept the reality, the more relieve and peaceful you are.

Just solve challenges you are facing in harmony, bring benefit to yourself and others.  This too shall pass. Learned the great lesson and constantly remind yourself and others, to be a mindful driver.

One of my friend asked me, “Why am I still in peace even though facing challenges?” Simple answer, “Keep practicing and keep walking our spiritual path.” You are going to handle situation differently!

Nothing is more important than peace of mind!!!



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