Be mindful!

Live at NOW!!!

Life is full of uncertainty. Whatever things happen, good or bad, we just accept it with open heart. Once you are ready to accept it, this too shall pass!!! You can totally let go and move on your life. You are not living in the past, remorse, upset, self blame and others negative emotion.

Yesterday, my car was being hit by the car behind when I stopped in the traffic jam and the impact was so great. It pushed my car to hit the front car. My car became “sandwiches”, damages at front and back. However, the back driver came out from the car and accused the front driver for “emergency break”. Immediately, I corrected her that this was not truth, she hit my car with “big bang.” Perhaps, she was not mindful in driving.

Imagine, how much inconvenient we are causing to others and ourselves if we are not mindful in driving?

We considered lucky as no one injure in the accident, only car dented and can be solved by fixing and repairing.

Be mindful!!!





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