Life is full of uncertainty…

After we applied natural flea medicine to Miss Sisi, she behaved differently. She was tired, no appetite to eat, always sleeping and not active. However, Little Black and An An boy were perfectly fine without any symptom of allergy.


From a happy and active girl to inactive, always sleeping!!! 

Miss Sisi still eating and drinking, as such we never rush to Vet immediately. We observed her conditions and decided to bring her for Vet’s check up. Vet also can’t confirm what was her sickness. Perhaps, allergy to ingredients in Flea medicine. She given 2 injections to Miss Sisi and asked us to monitor her condition.

Miss Sisi recovered without feeding her any medicine. We’ll give them Vetri DMG drop (Immune boaster) when they are sick.

The learning points, Anyone of us will get sick. Miss Sisi is a healthy girl, she is free of any sickness for the past 2 years. We missed her much when she was sick. She loves to follow and accompany, play with us, very loving and sweet girl. Suddenly, she was inactive. Treasure and spend time with your animal friends, no regret if anything happen. Life is full of uncertainty!!! Nothing is permanent!


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