It’s great to give rather than to receive. What a profound saying!!!

Yesterday, I helped my friend to give away 2 pairs of new shoes and a pair of used shoe (Hardly wore more than 5 times) to a single mom. She always asked me to pass her used clothes, bed sheets, curtain and others. Usually, I’ll collect from my friends and pass to her.

I apologise for giving her a pair of used shoes (like new) and asked whether can she accepted. She was so happy to receive. Without much saying, she wore the shoes and did cat walk. Yeah! I am so happy that our little effort can bring so much happiness in other’s life. How wonderful!!!

Double happiness when I see her happy and big smile. Happiness is contagious!

We must be gratitude for people who are receiving. Imagine, if no one is willing to receive, you can’t share your loving kindness and bring happiness to them. However, the happiest person is the one who give!!! Thank you to those people who give us a chance to bring happiness to them.


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