Why wait?

Do you go to dental for bi-annual / annual check up?

Some of us, we are so worry and stress for the pain and uncomfortable during dental service. We try our best not to visit dentist until we feel pain, crack, swollen  and other symptoms. Then only we dragged ourselves to pay a visit to stop the pain.

We are trying our best to convince ourselves that our tooth is in tip-top condition when no pain and any other symptom.

Is it true? When decay is happening in early stage, there is no symptom of pain. When you feel pain, it mean it touch nerve. Why not go for regular check up to take care of our precious tooth? How to eat and chew well without the support of tooth?

Today, I went for my bi-annual check up. Well! There is no symptom of pain, however my dentist able to discover symptom of decay in my tooth. I am grateful that I went for check up, replaced the old filing and hopefully I can prolong usage of my tooth.

Do it now instead of thinking we have so much time!!!

What a great lesson in life!!! Why not start our spiritual practice when we are young, healthy, fit, wealthy, happy family, doing fine…..?

Why wait until we are facing challenges in life?






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