Are you willing….

Sometimes, we might think that we need to contribute a lot of money to needy is considered as kindness. Well, this might be one of the way. However, you can shine your kindness anytime, anywhere and to any beings.

Thank you human friend for giving 2nd life to me…from Wang Wang Boy. @hisimi_&_catfriends

Have you ever think that

If you are willing to feed stray animals? Get their stomach full! You can release their suffering to look for a meal.

If you are willing to adopt a stray animal, give them a forever home, you are giving 2nd life to them.

If you are willing to be a vegan, how much carbon footprint you can reduce, how much suffering you can relieve for animals friends…

If you are willing to give a smile to people, how much positive vibes you can shine…

If you are willing to say thank you with sincere heart for people who give you “services”, your little action will brighten their day.

If you are willing to bring your own container for take away food, your action will help to reduce pollution to this beautiful world.

If you are willing to say no to plastic bag, you are reducing suffering to all beings in the world. So many of sea animals die from eating plastic bag. Why not do your part?

All little action counts, please start from yourself. Be the role model.

Let’s work together to make this world a beautiful world to stay!!!Its belong to all beings not only for Human beings!





4 responses to “Are you willing….

  1. This post is beautiful. I often find myself looking for the easiest option and sometimes that means that the environment is overlooked. Thank you for these gentle reminders of how to ease the suffering of little beings

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