Are you spending your time in contemplating?

Are you always in a rush? Are you living your life in routine?

Are you forgetting your life detail daily?

Are you also forgetting the purpose of life?

It’s great to take some time off to contemplate. To be with yourself, to understand yourself better.

One of my friend shared with me that she can’t be with herself in quiet moment. She must occupy her time with others, pack her schedule until maximum and make herself so so busy… She even need to on music in order to sleep, without turning on music she can’t sleep.

Why can’t we face ourselves? Why are we so worry to face ourselves quietly?  What are hindrances?

Imagine if you can’t live well with yourself, how about others?

Through realisation that the person who can support you, only you!!! You are your best friend. No one can walk the path on behalf. Only you are willing to start your first step. Nothing for us to depend, we must learn independent. Walk your journey of life with confidence!



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