keep chasing…

Live freely!!! You don’t anything to be happy!!!

Some of us, we are so excited before we buy a house. We set target, save money, search for the property, get the housing loan and move in to a new house. However, once we move in the house, the longer we stay, we don’t feel happiness and gratitude, we assume to own a house is a must and started to complain why the house is so small, wear and tear and others issue.

We might start look out again to get another dream house with happy heart and get ready to pay higher instalment monthly and tie ourselves nearly to no breathing in the name of “happiness”. We convinced ourselves that we are definitely more “Happy” when we move in to the dream house. We’ll, Is it true?

Think about it!! Can you be satisfied by external stuff? Are you going to make a stop to keep chasing external stuffs? Are you truly happy when you achieve to own external stuffs? If Yes, how long before you start your next move?

A heart of gratitude is very important when you own anything. Be gratitude if you’ve a house as a shelter. Imagine, if you don’t have a shelter in a heavy downpour, heavy snow, super sunny day, how do you feel?

Never tie “Happiness” with external stuffs. You are the fountain of happiness!!!

Its depend on you, the mind is the creation of everything!!!






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