Cause and effect…

Most of us, we are sending our car for service maintenance regularly. You just  follow the given schedule, the mechanic will check, change oil, filter and others. If you keep up the service maintenance, you are able to extend the life span of car.

It’s a simple theory. Are you also giving priority to check your body and mind regularly? Are you overly “abuse” it until collapse? Are you listen to your body and mind needs? Are you “feeding” them with right food, exercise? Are you allow your body to “rest”?

Usually, most of us, we don’t pay attention to our lifestyle, how we eat, what we eat, what time we sleep, any exercise, any quiet time or meditation and others…causes of sickness.

We only pay attention when we are sick, the effect. Why worry, panic, stress about sickness? Be calm, you just need to check and re-adjust your daily lifestyle. Your body is super intelligent and it can heal naturally when you are giving right input and condition.

I am planted yam plant. It grew. It can’t be turnip plant…Simple!!!

Always remember “Cause and effect”. Nothing happen without a reason!!!




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