Happiness is a journey of choice!!!

Some of us, we love to procrastination our happiness, we are aggressively to set goal to ourselves and only allow ourselves to be happy when we achieve our goal. Simple example, When we are using a small car, we are not happy and set a goal to buy a luxury car in 10 years. Along the journey before we achieve our goal, we are unhappy with our small car, full of tons of complain and love to compare with other’s car on the road. We always imagine how happy if I own a luxury car…

Well! Why are we not allow ourselves to be happy now? Be gratitude for the “little car” which can bring you to your destiny safely. Why are you make your life suffering?

Perhaps, if you experience your “little car” breakdown, you don’t have any transport and you need to use public transport. How much hassle you are going to face? I believe you are going to appreciate your “little car” with gratitude and using it happily.

Be happy! You can!

“Happiness is a journey of choice.” Enjoy your journey and not only when you reach your destiny!!! Be Happy!!!



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