Silent walk…

In the past, after hiking, I felt my body and leg ache in the next day. This is the symptom of lack of exercise and training of body muscle.

I am truly happy that after more than an hour hiking yesterday, there is no symptom of any body or leg pain. Moreover, I felt so refresh after a good body sweating, perhaps most of the body toxic being release out.  So blessed to inhale pure oxygen from nature, given good energy and positive vibes. What a blessing gift from nature!!!

I am grateful to my persistence in silent walking which helps me to build up my muscle and stamina. Most important, I love to walk silently anytime. I treasured and enjoyed so much on the silent walk which given great nutrients to mind before starting a new day or refresh after a tiring day.

Silent walk, the best way to connect with nature!!!

Why not start for a silent walk as a new resolution? You can experience the difference between keep talking or keep silent in a walk. If you are keep talking, you are going to be very tired and exhausted after the walk as you are always not here and now. Take a try!!!




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