be here and now…

I love nature!

Today, I went for a popular hiking area with a group of Dharma friends. We were practicing silent and mindful walk. Whatever thoughts arisen, just chopped it and be here and now. Not live in the past and future.

There was quite a number of uphill track. If you are keep thinking that you are unable to make it, “too tiring”, “how far to end the walk?”, “Too exhausted” and others negative thoughts keep arisen, perhaps you are unable to make it. Why not just focus on here and now? Be mindful on your steps, one after another without any judgmental, you are so free and enjoy the beautiful steps in mother of nature.

My personal experience, I am not facing any challenges and accomplished my walk easily just focusing on mindful steps without any thoughts. Of course, I believe my routine walking helps so much, I’ve better stamina to keep walking.

So refreshing after the walk like applying oxygen mask!!!






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