Traffic jam…

Its fasting month for our Muslim friends.

Traffic is horrible after work. Our Muslim friends are rushing home to get ready for breaking fast.

Situation is getting worst when it’s heavy downpour during after work. Flash flood happen here and there. Total traffic condition is standstill.

Last Friday, I stuck in a bad traffic jam, I spent about 2 hours to reach home. Usual journey will take less than 40 minutes.

How do you react in traffic jam? Are you losing your peace and calm? Are you start to jump? Are you start to curse? Are you restless?

It’s a great test to know how well is your practice. Can you remain unshakeable?

Be mindful in your driving instead of “Keep talking” in your small mind and causing more “disturbance and suffering” to yourself.

Be chill no matter where we are…

I learned a great lesson, not to join the traffic jam until clear traffic, usually after 715 pm. This little action helps to save environment, save petrol and save time.



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