Yesterday, I heard one of my friend was busy to take photo when her finger was bleeding as she used her finger to check the blender blade when food was stuck inside. Instead of, immediately taking action to stop bleeding, her reaction was to take photo and post to social media.

Why are we keep posting our photos and daily routine life in social media? What are our objectives? To keep in touch with friends? To get popular? To get “Likes”? To be influencer? To get attention? To live in virtual world?

What do we want? Why are we making ourselves so busy? Why are we surrender our freedom? Why are we allow being tied by invisible string?

Most of my friends will run home immediately if they forgot to bring smart phone. They can’t live without phone. Do we have so many important messages, news, information to read?

You are going to miss out many beautiful moments if you are addicted to smart phone only.

Let’s contemplate!!! Be moderate!!!





One response to “Addiction…

  1. There’s a beauty in connection, and we like knowing we are connected. When we remember our deep interbeing there is no need for artificial connections. We can then put down our smartphones. We can then not feel compelled to reach back to Facebook or other site. But between those times of knowing we are so strongly interconnected, isn’t it nice to have some reassurance? Isn’t it like taking refuge in the sangha?

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