We are ONE!!!

I am happy to see my lovely cats love nature so much. They play in garden, look for herbs to heal themselves, running around freely, chasing squirrels, butterflies, dragonflies, bees, birds, grasshopper and others,  occasionally monkey friends will pay a visit…It’s really great to live harmony with nature!!!

When I first started working in city, I was stayed in apartment and later moved to condominium. Well! I can enjoy a lot of good facilities in condominium, like swimming pool, sauna, gymnasium room, walking track, good security and others. However, I felt I am living in a small matchbox hanging in the sky and not in touch with soil. A trapped space!!!

I noticed my elderly parent, they always look at the view from 17th Floor condominium. To them living in condo is seem like so boring, not in touch with nature and in our hometown, we live in a landed house.

Sis & I decided to look for a house which can have a lot of space to plant our own vegetables, herbs, trees and others. We love to live with nature closely. We are grateful that we bought our current house, our father is the “gardener”, he has a big garden to take care and to him, it’s a good exercise. After we moved in, we adopted and rescued stray cats in neighbourhood. Now, We’ve 5 lovely cat friends stay with us and they accompanied my father in gardening.

Please give priority and spend time in nature!!! To get better understanding, we are connected, we are ONE!





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