Get rich fast…

You are going to get the right fruit when you sow the right seeds. Same as Karma!!! You don’t need to act as Karma police. 

We are well aware that we sow a watermelon seed, we are going to get watermelon and not papaya. However, whether the seed is going to sprout, grow or can we eat fruits, it’s all depend on right condition.

Well! Are we aware that bad action and thoughts from us, we are going to bear responsible of our action? Some of us, we are trying to get rich fast by getting money which is not belong to us through our power, position, authority, dishonest and others unwholesome way.

If this unwholesome plan goes well and smooth, nothing happen and no whistle-blower. We might be more “brave” and “confident” to reap more wealth which is not belong to us. One fine day, we might even do it openly for bribery, fault case and others.

We think we can escape from the law and we are safe. Always remember the case of seed of watermelon and papaya. No one can escape from the law of karma, invisible and yet continuously calculating and tabulating.

Never wait until unfortunate incident happen, then only we are willing to put a stop on unwholesome action.

Live life simple, you don’t need so much wealth which is not belong to you to make you a happier person. Always look inward, you are the fountain of happiness!



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