I love trees…

Whenever, I see trees being chopped in the name of development, my heart is bleeding. How important is the contribution of tree in our life, our planet and all beings? The less tree, the less fresh air. We don’t realise until one day, we can’t breathe any quality air.

A little tree needs to go through a lot of challenges before it can grow up to a big tree. Many beings are rely on a tree as shelter, home, food, fresh air and others. We are not only chopped a tree, we are chopping and shorten our life too. Do look at the big picture.

Why not we give way to tree and build our building smaller? Why not we shift the tree  to a new area? Why not we trim the tree professionally instead of “kill” it?

Think twice before you take any action. Am I bringing benefit or suffering?

I feel the pain when I see people trimming the branches brutally. They treat tree as “dead”. Trees are alive and its really play an important role in our ecosystem.



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