be moderate…

This few days, weather was extremely hot. We are sweating even though sat quietly and on our fan, however, we were enjoying hot air blowing.

The trees and plants are receiving great impact from hot sun. I can see many fallen leaves, dried leaves and others.

Yesterday night, A heavy downpour lasted for several hours, nourished all beings and nature. It washed away the hot air, given moisture and most important provide “water” to all beings, life to nature.

Its alive with the nourishment from water and so Refreshing!!!

Perhaps, some of us, we don’t notice and feel the important of balancing in nature. We might straight switch on “air cond” when it’s too hot even some of my friends pampered their children until “They can’t live without air conditioner.” Its become habitual.

We might gradually lose our gratitude and in touch with nature. We don’t realise the more we switch on air cond, the more energy consumption and the more we are bringing burden to our environment. Of course, we can use it moderately and not make it ” a must” or something rely in life.





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