lead by good example…

I am happy that I follow the right example. I want to be a good cat! Meow!

Our little Wang Wang boy is staying with us more than 3 months now.

As he is the youngest in the cat’s family, we believe he is learning, observe and “copying” skill from his elder brothers and sisters. We are happy that all our elder cats are sharing  good example. They are patiently teach and guide him. Wang Wang boy can understand house rule easily. He knew he need to come home at night as we’ll lock our house. If not, he need to overnight outside.

Recently, this little sweet boy become alarm clock to my sister daily, he wake her up. He also knew how to ask my sister to play with him, all adorable act will melt people’s heart easily.

When we are lead by a good example, and follow the right foot steps. We can definitely heading to the right path!!!

Learn from those people who can lead you to the right path, to be a good person with kind virtues.




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