Can you live without phone?

If you are asking this question in 10 years old, still a lot of people will answer “Yes”. However, situation change, most of the people can’t live without phone now. They feel insecure, they need to be online and be connected anytime, anywhere. People are willing to let go their sleep to continue searching and playing their phone.

Some of my friends even travel home to get their phone when they forgot to bring. If not, they will be restless, tension, stress and causing so much unnecessary fear in life.

Recently, one of my friend was in-car accident as she was playing with her phone and totally forgot she was driving. So blessed that no one injured. Of course, her car in bad shape and the victim car too.  Some even burnt their clothes as playing phones while ironing. A lot of accident can be avoided happened as we are too indulged in playing our phone. We are addicted.

Be free from anything!!!

Be moderate in whatever you are doing. Be mindful in your action, not bringing harm to yourself and others. Use the modern technology wisely and not be addictive. This is gong to affect your peace of mind!!!



3 responses to “addictive…

  1. I live in the state of Georgia in the U.S. Beginning in July it will be illegal here for anyone to even touch their phone while driving. Too many accidents have been caused by people texting or talking on their phones while driving.

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