We are constantly heard about people complain about stray cats and dogs poo in their garden, outside gate area with full of frustrations, anger, create so much stress and tension and shine the neighbourhood with negative vibes.  Some even mentioned, they want to kill stray cats and dogs.

Think about it, why should we be so stress? If you are a parent, grandparent, I am sure you are happily to help your son/ daughter/ grandson / granddaughter to change diapers without any complain and full of loving kindness. You don’t even think that feces and urine are smelly.

Why are you behave so different to animal friends? The key reasons, “Judgement and differentiation.”, My daughter, My grandson, My……Anything to do with “My”, we are willing to compromise and shine our loving kindness. We differentiate our treatment to whatever not classified under “me/my/I”.

Why not we just clean up the animal’s poo instead of complain? Think a solution to help and reduce the number of stray animals in neighbourhood. The best solution is to neuter and spay them to control the population and suffering of miserable kittens.

Are you more superior than animal friends? How superior you are if you are not shinning your loving kindness, compassion and see no differentiation in any beings. Be kind! I see “equal life” in my cat friends!!! They are like us, only in difference form. Love them and not HARM them. You can!

We are always assume we are more superior than our animal friends. If yes, shine your loving kindness and see no differentiation. Give your unconditional love to all beings in any form.

I believe You Can! Let’s do it!


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