little action….

Some of us, we might think that we can only help others by giving monetary support. e.g giving donation, material support and others. Yes, your action can ease suffering of others. If we are unable to provide monetary support, another best way we can share with others, your smile, kind words, encouragement, motivation, moral support and others small little action. All counts, all little action which bring happiness in others.

One of the little action, I’ll follow disabled cats in instagram account. I am always touched and warm by the action giving to animal friends by their loving kindness owner who are spending their time to take care and love their disabled cats dearly. All stories are so motivating and inspired, never give up in life and help whenever we can. Our little action can change destiny and bring happiness to our animal friends.

I am only giving kind and motivating words to their owners for shinning their unconditional love. I hope to give them encouragement and moral support, so they are not alone, surrounded by love and positive vibes . Most important, they are not going have any thought to abandon their disabled animal friends.

You can change a destiny of others through your loving kindness.

Once we adopted animal friends, it’s our whole life commitment. Always remember they are OUR family members, not a toy, not a security guard, not a burden….not to abandon when they are old.






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