What are you doing…

We are giving freedom to our lovely cats in day time. We allow them to play and rest in garden. Perhaps, sometimes walking by our neighbour’s house.  However, we quarantine them at night. After a while, they learned and understood on this house rule. Usually, they will come home before we set our alarm.


Our family members…

Sometimes, they are not following house rule and hang around outside. We’ll share with them that if you are missing or being kept by others, you are going to change your life destiny. If no one adopt you, you might be stray cat again. No good food, no good treat, no good home, no good health care and most important, our family love you all so much. Our cats are our family members.

It’s a great reminder, we can change our life destiny anytime. Its all depend on whether you are making a right decision. Whatever you are doing now, will definitely give impact to your future. Simple example, if you are eating wrong food, you might fall sick easily. If you are lazy to clear up the mess after cooking, you are going to invite more pests in your house. If you are playing phone while driving, accident might happen. Everything happen in life start from your little action.

Be mindful on what are you doing!!!!





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