Sometimes, we are not appreciate for whatever we have in life. Some might assume is a must to have without a heart of gratitude.  We don’t see the important of things we own until one day, it broken down.

Be gratitude to anything!!!

Last month, when my old car was not in a good condition, issue with the gearbox. I’ve to restrict my driving only to work and back to home until I get a new car. I am always give positive vibes to my old car that “safe journey” when I am driving. So happy that I can use my old car and nothing happen until I get my new car.

Before I sold my car, I did a thorough car wash with a heart of gratitude for its great accompany and service along the year. I hope the new owner will appreciate and take care of the car.

A heart of gratitude is a must to anything, anyone and any beings. Without the help of others, we are not able to live well and continue our spiritual practice.

Gratitude is the KEY!



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