Sometimes, people might share with me that in the Buddhist 5 precepts, there is no such precept to prohibit us to gamble. Can we gamble?

A simple question, do you think gambling can bring more wisdom in life? Are we doing something benefit to all beings? Are you become a better person through gambling? If you experience gambling, ask yourself, are you cultivate greed as you want to win more money? Are you cultivate hatred when you are losing money? Are you addicted to gambling as you want to get rich fast or get back the money you lost?

Are you enjoy peace in mind? Are you enjoy freedom?

I believed you know the best answer.

I knew many cases that addicted gambling causing separation in family, quarrel, stress, tension, fear when chasing money from loan shark, bankrupt, run away to hide, committed suicide and bringing tremendous suffering to people surrounding.

Always bring fragrance to people surrounding!

Whatever you are doing, ask yourself, Am I become more peaceful? Am I bring happiness/benefits to all beings?

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