Sunny vs Gloomy!

Some of my friends are too superstitious, whatever they are doing is based on Feng Shui? e.g. When is the good time to meet customers? When is the right time to transfer payment? When is the right day to start work during CNY? When is the good day to move to new house? and etc…

Imagine, if we are following 100% on the good timing, you are going to lose your freedom in life. You are being bind by invisible strings. Besides, you are causing tremendous fear, worry, tension and other negative emotions if you are unable to follow what “Feng Shui” say.

Why not liberate yourself?

You deserve freedom and peace of mind.

Everyday is a beautiful sunny day. Its depend on you? Sunny or gloomy?

Every day is good day, every moment is a good moment. It’s all depend on you!!!

Be the master of your life! Nothing is more precious than freedom in mind!

Happy weekend, friends!


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