Natural healing…

My lovely cat, Wang Wang boy had gingivitis since the day we adopted him. We can see clearly his gum is red. During our last visit to Vet, his condition is slightly worsen, as such, Vet prescribed antibiotics for 12 days treatment. Always I checked with Vet, any other natural healing method can use to help his recovery. Vet mentioned that gingivitis is caused by poor immune system. Vet proposed to take Vitamin C with 250 mg dosage.

I have strong faith in natural healing. After discussed with my sister, we are going to use natural healing for Wang Wang boy to boast up his immune system. We started to feed him with Vetri DMG, Immune boaster, 0.5 ml daily, plus organic Kale juice which use to cleanse liver, full of vitamin K & Vitamin C. I am using 1/4 teaspoon plus 3 ml water. In the evening, I’ll feed him with sea mineral drop to reduce the redness in gum. I monitored his progress daily.

During his recent check up, Vet mentioned that Wang Wang boy’s gingivitis is improving even we are not feeding him the 12 days antibiotics treatment. Its proven antibiotics is not the ultimate way, perhaps shortcut which bring side effect to our body.

Wang wang boy also know how to look for grass as medicine.

Why not let food be thy medicine? Its safe, no side effect!!!



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