Life is so fragile. Nothing is permanent. We can say it easily, can we practice when we are facing challenges in life? This is the real test.

Yesterday, I heard one of my schoolmate’s brother passed away, he was so young, less than 40 years old. He was coughing for a few days, admitted to hospital, in coma and passed away. He had lung infection.Total incident happened in a week. Life is too short! We can say bye to this beautiful world anytime. Its nothing to do with our age.

Are you ready to face death? Are you ready to talk about death?

Many of us, we assume we can live longer and death is too early to talk about. Is it truth?

Look at nature, life and dead is happening any moment of life!

Just look at nature, after a strong wind blowing, many leaves fallen off from tree. Have you ever check it out? What color are there? Yellow? Green? Brown? small leaf? big leaf? You can see assorted color and size.

A great reminder to us, coffin is not meant for elderly people.

Treasure your life, live at now and keep walking your spiritual path when you still alive!






4 responses to “death…

  1. Thank you for this wonderful reminder on impermanence.

    I believe that when death comes, those who have led a more purposeful life become more ready. I had this conversation with my dad a few years back.

    When lord Krishna went into the forest before his death he had little fear in him. He had achieved every thing he had needed to in this life and he was ready. His preparedness came from this knowledge

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