Life or food?

Today, I heard a little conversation between friends about their lunch order. Both are going for healthy food in order to reduce weight. Friend A was complaining to Friend B that she will never pay higher price for vegetables and fruits. She is only willing to pay higher price or same value for meat products, e.g. Salad with chicken breast or fish or any meat. She even mentioned that she is going to die for hunger if only taking vegetables and strongly believe she needs to eat meat in order to get strength and energy.

Life or food?

I am so sad that people never appreciate and respect life. They are concerned about money and never bother the meat they are eating basically is a precious life from other beings. Animal friends are dying in order to provide their fresh to us. Why can’t we see from this angle? Why are we only seeing money?

Is life equal to money? Why are we using other living beings fresh to sustain our life? is this a need or a want?

Its digital age, we can easily search data online about plant protein vs meat protein. Is it true that plant protein can’t provide energy and strength in our life. Simple example, just look at lifestyle of tiger vs horse. Who can sustain their energy for long period of time? Don’t fool ourselves with our own assumption.

Be wise on your decision!!!





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