Are you serving fresh food?

How do you react when people constantly sharing with their family issues to you? The same old stories, repeated for more than 100 times. The key issue is the same, only incident happen differently.

For the 1st few times, we pay attention and offer some advise on how to resolve. However, if no action taken, the situation still repeat the same, I believe you just want to “run” away from the same topic. In order to practice our patience and compassion listening, we might listen but not going to comment or offer any advise as we are aware the person just want our ears to listen. We can’t help if the person refuse to get out from their challenging situation by keep complaining without taking any action.

Remember to serve fresh food which give nutrients to your friend instead of long frozen food.

A simple example, usually you’ll serve good and fresh food to serve your guest. Imagine, you are serving them with frozen food which store for almost 3 months, without good nutrients and taste. How’s the comment from your guest? Do you think they love it?

Meaningless to complain if you are not ready to take action, resolve and move on your life. Your destiny is on your hand!





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