Don’t work like a dead fish…

I am having an extremely busy week. Just finished a big project, I can notice the total exhaustion from body and mind. I need a good rest to recover my strength. Usually, I’ll seek help from traditional treatment like, acupuncture and chiropractic. In the past, I am so concern and slightly “fearful” on acupuncture treatment as needed to use so many needle. My own imagination is painful and what if the doctor put on wrong spot, what’ll happen?

All this thoughts are self creation to frighten and its not the truth. I am grateful to my friend for introducing a group of professional Chinese medical doctor. They are focusing on patient and not how much they are going to earn for medical fees. A group of retirees who are working together to provide true service, they are so passionate in their work, open and honest. I love to chat with them, so much to learn from them too.

Life is full of exploration… Have fun!

What a great example to learn and apply to our work! Don’t work like a dead fish as you just want to earn salary. Be passionate and have fun in your job!




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