Life and death…

After my evening walk, I spent some time in garden to walk barefoot on grass in order to neutralise electrical energies, relax and playing with my lovely Miss Sisi. Suddenly, I saw Wang Wang boy was running like mad and jumped home safely. Apparently, a giant dog was chasing him,  and the dog was running to my way. I screamed, Miss SiSi was running for life to save herself and I can’t run much as the dog was running too fast. I just stood there and looked at the giant dog in calm.

I am so blessed that I stood and not moving at all. I don’t have any intention to harm the dog. The giant dog, I believed he escaped from one of my neighbour’s house, he stopped and looked at me. Both of us, eyes to eyes and the dog was run away peacefully. I am safe without any injuries.

Gratitude to the giant dog for not harming our lovely cats…Thank you for sharing a beautiful lesson.

I am so relieved that my love cats were safe too.  It was just like life and death moment. I just can’t imagine if the dog bite on me, perhaps I am now ending up in hospital.

Another great lesson learned, no matter how critical and urgent moment, never lost your peace, Always stay calm and chill. Don’t panic!!!! You are able to overcome the critical and challenging moment in life.

I count my blessing. Keep walking in spiritual path!



2 responses to “Life and death…

  1. I am happy you both are okay. When I was a teenager, my best friend and I were walking in a field under the power lines when two big Dobermans started running toward us while barking. I told my friend to stay calm and don’t act frightened. When the dogs reached us they stopped and just sniffed us until their owner called them back.

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