right conditions…

One of the favourite question, “Why good people with good-hearted and doing lot of good deeds are suffering?, “Why Bad people with bad thoughts are still living a good life?”

Which plant one look better?

Recently, I received two lovely plants from friend. I put one plant in office and another one at home. My office environment is cooling with air conditioner whereas I never on air conditioner at home, it’s slightly warm. I can see well the difference of 2 little plants after a month.

The plant which I brought home is not doing well, like half dying as compare to the plant which is growing in office, right growing environment.

This incident reminded me that we are responsible for our action, like we sow the seeds, whether its grow or not, its depend on conditions. When conditions are right, the seed sprout, the plant will grow.

Never doubt on “karma”. Its ripen when conditions are right and ready.

Be mindful on your body, speech and thought. Always be kind to all beings inclusive of yourself too. Never be the “Karma police” of others. Look inward instead of outward.

Happy weekend, my dearest friends!




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