Nothing happen…

Have you notice that you are worrying so much for things not going to happen?

You have the intention to create a series of stories to frighten yourself with worst scenario. Most of the time, nothing happen and yet you are losing your peace and “present moment”.

Don’t tie and lock yourself with situation you are facing. Step back and you can see clearer. Be mindful!

Last 2 weeks, my car’s signal lamp on, suspected gearbox issue. I decided not to repair, sold and get a new car. In the past year, I’ve spent so much money and time on car service. Its time to put a stop after many great lessons learned, like be patience, impermanent of life, gratitude, appreciation and others.

I need to wait for 2 weeks in order to get my new car. It’s a big test in life, my car might breakdown anytime, any moment. Instead of frightening myself, recall all past experiences like toll car service, waiting time in workshop, high service fees and others. I live at here and now, peace and calm. I am not creating any stories to make myself tension. I drove slowly daily, listening to Dharma talk throughout the driving journey and express gratitude to my car.

Nothing happen, I got my new car yesterday and I passed my old car to used car dealer. A great lesson, be mindful and not let your thoughts to drive you crazy, bring emotional turmoil and disturb your peacefulness. Not being disturbed by the phenomena.

Be here and now! Enjoy freedom!










2 responses to “Nothing happen…

  1. Your picture reminds me of a story.

    A man asks Buddha why he should meditate. Buddha replies that we are like a boat on stormy waters looking out at dry land. As the water undulates, so does dry land appear to as well. But dry land is not moving!

    As we meditate, we calm the stormy waters so we can see dry land for what it is. Peaceful and still.

    Meditation helps us to see the world for what it is. If we are disturbed our entire world seems disturbed like the boat on stormy waters.

    Happy Easter!! Om Mani Padme Hum

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