Good balancing…

Last week, I was extremely busy with my office work. When I got home already after 8 pm. I need to give priority to prepare cooking ingredients, then only take a good shower, rest for a while before sleep. Usually, I can take a good rest during weekend, to chill and relax. However, last weekend, I was also very busy for voluntary work, hardly find chill time.

I can feel how exhausted is my body and mind. I am truly happy that I took half day leave to bring my mum to hospital for normal check up. I took a good nap to regain my energy and follow by a good and quiet evening walk. Yeah! Totally energised!

A good balancing in life is needed for us to walk further!

No matter how busy we are, we need a good balance between our work and rest time. Once we are out of balance, it’s so easy for body to breakdown and get sick.

Pay attention, give priority while you are still healthy!!!




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