Live at now…

I brought this pineapple home last year after lion dance in office. I planted and finally I can see the little pineapple is growing. So beautiful with purple flower.

I love gardening!I am truly happy to spend time in garden and look at the growing process of all plants, basically its like looking at birth, aged, sick and dead. A great reminder on impermanent of life, we can’t predict what will happen in next moment of life but we can live well at now. Be totally at present with no arisen of unnecessary thoughts. You are at peace. Nothing is more precious than be at peace and serenity!!!

The best examples to know you are not at present are you forget your car parking zone, your car or house key, your meeting/appointment, promise and others. Your mind is busy with thousand of thoughts or the creation your story. Aware on your thoughts, stop it and enjoy freedom in life!


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